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Asleep on the train.

Asleep on the train.

I was on the train the other day going into the city to meet my mother who was coming down from the country for the day. Sitting directly across from me was a teenage girl sleeping in her chair and waking up only when the train stopped at stations. I’d brought my sketch book with me and I was keen to draw and started drawing her almost as soon as I sat down. There is something quite cathartic about drawing someone while they’re asleep. I don’t think it’s illegal to draw people while they’re asleep in public, I don’t know. I should look into that.


Detail 5

Detail 7

Detail 4,5 and 6

Detail 3

Detail 2

Detail 1

Hartshorn logo

I saw that that no talent ass clown John Bon Jovi has his posters up all over my city and I thought…I’m going to design my last name into a death metal band logo. My last name Hartshorn is believed to be of German/Saxon origin from when the Saxons joined the Angles to fight the Normans, Picts and the Scots in 300 A.D. The tribal emblem for this group was a deer (or hart’s) horn fixed to the top of a pole and the carrier of it was known as ‘Hartshorn’.
My piece is of two deers horns uniting, writing out the letters of the name and holding a heart in icon. The heart itself is unnecessary because the hart in the name actually refers to a red male deer but I also recall a reference to a place of origin of the family that’s name meant deers heart and obviously you’d need to kill the deer to get its horns. It may not be obvious but the name hartshorn is spelt out on the inner horns of the antlers. The S being the obvious stand out as it doesn’t fit the style of the other letters but it works as a centre piece with the heart. I may have to rework it. I might try replacing the heart and the S with circles and pentagrams. The piece has the look of a womb to it and with the heart gives it strong pagan iconography.


First sketch of hartshorn in the style of a death metal band names logo.

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