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Walkabout Weed.

Walkabout Weed.

I created this character about ten years ago. In many ways he was inspired by the dancing flowers out of fantasia. I see him as the most iconic pop character I have in my arsenal. It’s only in the last year that I’ve actually found another cartoon weed. A one off sixties comix strip about a weed on the run. In reality the character sits with fat Freddy and the furry freak brothers and fritz the cat. Maybe no one else has created such a character because there’s no commercial grounds for such a character, because the sale of weed is all underground. I guess that’s pretty sad really. Everything else has been turned into a cartoon character. I’m always amazed that the maraijuana leaf hasn’t. He’s actually quite hard to draw properly and story lines are both limitless and limited. If that’s possible. I’m working on a free form animation with the character at the moment. As I said, I created the character ten years ago and all I really have to show for it is many many poses, one full page and a few small strips. This character doesn’t flow from the pen unfortunately.


A late night stroll.

A late night stroll.

The character at the top is a Robert Crumb/ Daniel Clowes style character. I think the character was originally inspired by Basil Wolvertons characters from MAD magazines my older brothers would buy. I’m so use to stylising my drawings that when it came to drawing this character I realised late that I’m meant to make him look ugly. So I gave him blood shot eyes and stained teeth but I’d do well to draw him again much more messed up and disheveled. The suit and the detail is pure Crumb. I did realise on this drawing that I don’t do enough cross hatching. Especially cross hatching in three directions. It starts to look like the detail of money. The character at the bottom looks like Ben 10 as an old man.

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