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Blonde hair and blue eyes.

This character turned out much better then I thought he would. The drawing is much closer to the original. This character makes me think of all the fuck ups I went to primary and high school with. The kid that pissed him self, the kid that burnt down the shed, the kid that got lost, the kid that electrocuted him self and the kid that wrote his own name in shit in the boys toilets…yes we all remember that kid. This character is ripe to have those story’s, in some form, filtered through him. He also looks like he’s just had charley browns ripped shirt land on his head.


Emotional vampire.

Emotional vampire.

I spent all day googling manga eyes, manga hair, manga teeth. When I saw vampire teeth it was too tempting to make him into a blood sucker. I’m thinking he looks like a sort of emo vampire dopey…if his hair was black. The character has completely changed but ill draw the original again behind him. Little explosions of repetition is the key to this drawing. Dead black and the seven emotional vampire?



I started this about three weeks ago and did what is finished here in one siting. I’d just bought tria markers and every thing I was drawing with them was kicking. So I thought I’d better try some thing a little bit more ambitious then just what ever came out of my brain at the time. I remember years ago i showed my drawings to the owner of a sk8 shop in the inner city who was also a photographer. I told him how I worked and what stopped me from drawing this way or that. He told me I should just draw any thing. What ever comes out and then what ever comes out after that put that down next to it and create like that. With no linear thread. I contemplate what I have just created for far too long after to be able to draw like that all the time. What he said, although simple, always stayed with me. Subsequently I can create like that in bursts. Empty my mind and open my third eye for a while and just draw. This drawing is in that vain but based on some thing old…

A page of sketches from school.

This is a page of sketchs I did in high school. Maybe when I was about seventeen. My mother worked at a home for the blind for many years and its drawn on the back of planning sheets for the company. The girl smiling in the top corner is from pearl jams evolution music clip. The guy with the goaty next to her is from Simon bisleys abc warriors. The charecter on the right with the long hair is from mulan I think. The hulk is in there. I think the women with the curl to her hair is from abc warriors as well. I wanted to call my comic at the time snuff. I thought the word was great and was trying to work it as a design. The page was cut out and glued into my sketch book for my end of year exam as workings. At this time I was probably looking at the ‘how to draw the marvel way.’ Which from memory I had stolen from the library. By the look of this page at that time I had stopped drawing for the fun of it and was attempting to imitate the artists I admired. Mostly Simon bisley.
I came up with the idea of taking these old sketchs and reworking them into a new form. I find it hard to sit down and create some thing new when I have so much older workings just lying around. Also I saw the work of David choe and felt compelled to draw…any thing. The way he scribbles worlds together he seems to create perpetually.



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Woof Boy goes to the Bank...

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