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Detail from Bleaches in the prism.

Watercolour and Ink.

Watercolour and Ink.


Motifs suck!

Scull and bonez.

The breathless wall.

This winters chamber.
The rain just never sleeps.
This winters held its leather and now its let us bleed.
The wind is not my fire and I am far from Hell.

To the great road.

Smashing, annihilated on the bloody shores of life, alive speeding thirst, head first along the long black highway. Consumed, suffocated, mediated by governments of philosophy and opinions on truth. What does your opinion mean if there’s truth? The trucks made from old things found on the side of the road. The great road. In bunkers out in the desert feds interrogate the Impressionists. Do you really think the feds can speak to Impressionists? Seriously though it’s no wonder the black tar hot steel shrapnel shit hits the fan when we broadcast our atrocities. Art I suppose conveys this unspeakable, those things our ancestors felt unspeakable. When the greatest silence is the gaps between noise. In a world run only by those who got here before us. Where the TV landlords fly in their Concords. In your place perfection, lets put this thing to rest. Gone missing in political rave nest.

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